Introduction to Gor

Welcome to the world of Gor! The novels of Gor were created by John Norman based on his philosophy of what life would be like on a planet with different laws, ideals and customs. There are different cultures on Gor, built on bits and pieces of our own cultures of Earth, often based on different time periods. There are the Northern culture on Gor, and it is very obviously based on concepts taken from the Vikings of Earth. Each culture has it’s own customs as well as food that is grown in that area.

There are social ladders on Gor as well. Citizens are separated in to “Castes.” There are High Castes such as Scribes, Warriors, and Physicians among others and it moves down to the Low Castes, Merchants, Bakers, on down to Peasants. When working there are set colors that each Caste wears to identify themselves to others. While they may often wear different colors, most often they also wear a touch of their caste colors somewhere within their outfit.

There is always a ranking order when it comes to Castes, but there is also a ranking order when it comes to people. The lowest of all mankind on Gor are the slaves. They are viewed as little more than beasts, often purchased and sold at a man or woman’s whim. If a slave is not pleasing she is either sold or slain. The slave is to be pleasing at all times, constantly serving for her right to live. There are many kinds of slaves, from pleasure slaves to domestic, and more! Their duties are wide and vary.

Gor is considered a man’s world, so most who have fallen slaves were Free Women or those born in to slavery. There are men who are slave but they are either bested in a fight and enslaved, captured in a raid or born in to slavery. It is the men who make the laws in most cases and these laws are expected to be followed. There is a great deal of order within the cities of Gor.

Be welcome to Gor and the chance to learn of an alternate lifestyle, ideals, taken from one world that can co-exist within ours!

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