The Free Women of Gor

Article created by Niamh Verwood for this site only.
Editing by Karissa Burner

The Free Women of Gor were much like the women in the medieval time, garbed
in the finest gowns, standing strong as a symbol of status and wealth as well
as value. They were worthy enough to bear children, born in to wealth and status
or poverty and the problems that come with the station.

On Gor the Free women are considered Free, yet not freedom as we may see it.
They stand on their feet and turn their noses up at the slaves, who they
constantly have ongoing issues of pettiness, jealousy and competition with
for the  attention and respect of the Free Men as well as their own status.
Free Women are aware that their freedom sits in the hands of the men of Gor
and they strive to keep themselves in their good graces while at the same time,
they strive to have their way, having their own ideas, beliefs and opinions. It’s
a line of balance they walk and many times a Free Man will have to remind a Free
Woman of her place.

Some may ask if they are really Free? They conceal themselves in flowing fabrics
(though never silk) from head to toe. These gowns are called Robes of Concealment.
The women will always be veiled except if they live within an area and culture that
allows otherwise, such as the Northerners. It is insulting to remove the veil of a
woman in public, as it lowers their status and worth as well as harms their personal
honor with such a public display.

The Free Women of Gor don’t leave their homes and stray far without an escort to
watch over them. It’s rare that they would go anywhere alone. Most simply make do
with the entertainment and enjoyment of tea rooms, or stay within their own gardens
and homes, behind high walls where security is part of her daily life. Often, once
they are Free Companioned this becomes much more strict and she then only speaks to
those her Free Companion allows her to and stays within his House unless he allows
her at his side attending socials, celebrations, family gathers and so forth.

When a Free Woman is to be Free Companioned, she does have the choice of who it is
to unless it is arranged by her family. Often such situations occur, as often there
is a dowery and payment exchange between the two families, his and hers with the
purpose to be united. This differs from areas to cultures on Gor. Her upbringing
plays a huge role in this, her Caste and her worth. Yes, it seems she is sold off
but not quite like a slave would be. She is regarded as a treasure more often than
slaves are and will be mother to her Companion’s children they will bear together.
She is usually treated very well, though some of the later books do bring forth a
darker look on Companionships. The way she is treated can be very dependent on the
woman though. If she is snappish and foul-tempered then more likely than not she will
spend a night on the slave ring at the end of their bed. But unlike a slave, the next
day she is removed from them and allowed the chance to try again, start anew with a
better attitude. While this is a humiliating experience for a Free Woman she is not
apt to keep making the same mistakes and social blunders over again.

Free Women are valued for their intellect and their grace, a different grace from
what slaves would have. This grace is regal, strong and often mysterious. It takes
a very strong woman to be slave, but a stronger one to survive ‘freedom’ within
the Gorean society. The Free Women are hard workers, making their way and constantly
keeping themselves in check, knowing that tomorrow they could be enslaved. Enslavement
to a Free Woman is often seen as a fate worse than death, especially when one has been
working her entire life to be Free, remain Free, beginning her training at childhood
to learn to sew, work, prepare exotic foods that would please a future Free Companion
and learning all of the social graces at a very young age to take with her through her
life. Enslavement could end it all, forcing on them a totally different lifestyle they
are not prepared for, even if a small part of them can look upon a slave and crave a
bit of what she has got. Enslavement for a Free Woman is seen as so demeaning that
it is one of the two ways to end the contract of her Free Companionship. The other
way is if one of the two dies.

The codes a Free Woman go by have been terribly degraded in the online worlds such
as Second Life, where women will parade around partly nude, running her mouth and
then taking great offense when a Free Man acts like a Free Man to teach her a
much-needed lesson. Many seek out more submissive Free Men who will cater to
them and protect them from consequences as they continue trying to dominate
and manipulate a man’s society.

Some Free Women act almost slave-like within these realms, wearing next to nothing
and at times, silks. One week they are Free, the next slave. This behavior is
disgraceful. Yes, Free Women can be submissive in a way as they learn how to please
their Free Companion, but only in making his life a bit easier, keeping the
Companionship as peaceful as possible and keeping in the good graces of her
Free Companion. However, they are also expected to be the Mistress of the House,
oversee things so that the activities within the House are organized. A chaotic
household is the sign of a very weak Free Woman. So, to be a Free Woman, she must
be able to walk the balance between dominance and submission. She is not one or
the other but having both qualities will help earn her the path she was born to
and chooses to continue.

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